A couple of years ago, I photographed a friend having her leg tattooed in a local studio. 

While the artist was happy to accomodate our request, the owner knew nothing about it. 

I managed to hide the camera when they came in to see how the tattoo was going and chat to the artist. The first 4 photos here are from that visit. 

Later, I wanted to go back into a studio and photograph tattooing again. It’s a fascinating thing to see, something so permanent being produced. A friend introduced me to her mate, Lou, via Facebook. “Sure, come down and shoot me working.”
I was expecting to spend a few hours, trying not to get in the way of this complete stranger who’s kindly let me gatecrash her studio, and her client who didn’t know me either.

As the day unfolded, and with the graces of both Lou and her client, before I realised it about 8 hours had passed. 

Lou has since gone on to appear in Tattoo Fixers on E4.

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